What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

How do you like to sleep? Is your preferred position on the side, or you like to curl up in bed? Do you know what the positions mean? Read the following guide to see what sleeping positions tell about your relationship.


The crab

The crab position indicates a problem when a partner needs space, while the other one needs intimacy.

The cliff hanger

If you’re sleeping on the opposite sides constantly, it means that there’s some distance between you that needs to be resolved. If it’s for just one night, you both need a good night sleep and it’s nothing to worry about.


When the woman sleep on her man’s chest, it’s a sign of a new relationship.

Pillow talk

When you’re facing each other but not touching your bodies together, it’s a sign of contact and conversation.


If the woman is resting in the crevice of her partner’s shoulders, it means that she’s dependent on him.

Lover’s knot

If you’re sleeping face to face and with legs intertwined until you fall asleep, it indicates independence and powerful sexual activity.

Spoon male inside

The man needs more love and care.

Spoon female inside

The man is loving and protective of his woman.


If you’re sleeping back-to-back with your bodies avoiding each other, it’s a sign of a strong

connection, but also of independence.


If your backs are facing each other, but not touching, it means that you’re comfortable with your partner.



Source : www.cuisineandhealth.com

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