Take this Two Ingredient Sleep Recipe Before Going to Bed and Never Wake Up Tired Again

Everyone knows how important it is to get a good night sleep, but still, recently, the normal measure of sleep has been continuously reducing. The normal measure of sleep has dropped to 6-7 hours from 7-8 hours for both men and women. Even though it might not appear that serious to the most of you, it does have enormous effects on your body. During the day your body needs to stay awake and aware of everything that happens around you, and, in order to manage that, it needs the proper measure of time to sleep, recover and revitalize so that can go on with the same tempo from the next day on again.Take this Two Ingredient Sleep Recipe Before Going to Bed and Never Wake Up Tired Again

Most of the people think that the worst thing that can happen to them when they don’t get enough sleep is that they’ll be tired the day after or a bit hazy. Coffee can help for the moment, but you don’t want to load yourself with coffee constantly because it is not a lasting solution.

Health and lack of sleep

Absence of sleep and rest can lead to many illnesses and infections and can affect the general wellbeing of a person. According to researches, people who don’t get enough sleep, which is considered to be less than 6 hours a night, are exposed to danger of coronary illness.

The European Heart Journal’s audit of 15 studies in medicine in 2011 involved about 475,000 people and discovered that people who don’t get sufficient sleep face a 48% shortened danger of creating or dying from coronary heart disease. These individual were also proved to be at a 15% more serious risk of creating or dying from stroke.

An interesting study finding is that the people who are long sleepers and who usually sleep nine or more hours a night, face a 38 percent increased risk of creating or dying from coronary illness and 65 percent increased risk of stroke. It has once again been scientifically proved that moderation is the most important thing in every segment of life.

Another study on the topic has discovered that the absence of rest can lead to higher pulse. For most people, the time you use for snoozing is utilized by your body for reducing of the circulatory strain and as shorter the time of your sleep is, the more reduced are the chances that your body doesn’t get the sufficient time for this dip to happen.

Daily distractions

The tempo of the time we live in doesn’t provide us the opportunity to get a decent night’s sleep. The work, the family circumstances, current occasions and other variables characteristic for this era are bringing about a lot of unease and nervousness. The innovations that are available in this period of time affect our rest cycles without us even noticing that.

On the market, there are many sleep aids easily available, but they aren’t produced in a natural way and can cause reliance in some individuals. As you already know, we are always here to offer a solution which originates right form Mother Nature that can solve this problem that’s constantly expanding.

The Ultimate Sleep Solution

This mixture is made of only two ingredients and is the key to getting an amazing night’s sleep. It helps you and your body to perk up and restore from the hard day and prepare yourself for the following day.

Necessary ingredients:

  • a teaspoon of pink Himalayan sea salt
  • 5 teaspoons of raw, natural honey

Mix these two ingredients and put the mixture in a glass jar. You can use any amounts of these ingredients, you just need to be careful that they are mixed in this proportion of 1:5 for Himalayan sea salt and honey respectfully. The way of consuming is also very simple: you are supposed to take just a small amount of this mixture and put it under the tongue every night before you go to sleep. Let it dissolute normally.

Salt and honey

The Himalayan sea salt includes more than 80 minerals and other necessary ingredients used by your body for different processes. One of the uses is recuperating from the long and hard day. Honey is abundant in glucose, which is an important source of energy for the body cells and gives them vitality.

This mixture made of salt and honey is considered to incite serotonin production as well, which keeps us away from distress and provides us with the most efficient rest. You can try this recipe and you’ll be able to go to bed peacefully in the evening knowing that your body is going to be refreshed and prepared for the daily challenges.

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