With over 7 billion consumers in the world, hot dogs are the most popular type of fast food ever. However, this type of food is very dangerous for our health – according to a recent research, hot dogs are responsible for 4 types of cancer!


Hot dogs were originally introduced to America by German immigrants in the 19th century. Since then, they have gained immense popularity and have become a fast food icon. The WHO has recently released a report that all types of processed foods such as red meat can cause numerous types of cancer. Hot dogs are made from a mixture of pork, beef and chicken. Factories also use leftovers from pork chops and animal by-products such as heads, fatty tissue, skin and feet. During the manufacturing process, these ingredients are mixed together and additives such as corn syrup, nitrates, salt and chemicals are added. Most of these additives have been confirmed to cause cancer.


Many health institutions rank hot dogs in the same category of cancer-causing substances such as cigarettes. Nitrates and nitrites are the most harmful additives in hot dogs – when heated, they bind to amines and create nitrosamines which are very dangerous for our body. Nitrosamines have been known to cause pancreatic, stomach, colon and bladder cancer.


The American Institute for Cancer Research says that people who consume only a single hot dog a day have a 21% higher risk of colorectal cancer. Even organic hot dogs contain nitrites, which is why you should avoid this type of fast food.



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