Children very often sit in the “W” position. This is a position in which children sit on their bottoms with their knees bent and their feet put under, and their legs are splayed out to the sides, forming a “W” letter. In this position children feel secure and supported, and that is why they sit in this position pretty often. Numerous parents are not aware what sitting in this position can lead to and do not recognize the dangers of letting their children sit like that for too long.NEVER LET YOUR KIDS SIT IN THE “W” POSITION. HERE’S WHY!

Sitting in this position for too long or too often can have negative effects on the development and growth patterns of the children.

The Negative Effects of “W-Sitting” Include:

  • delayed development of the stability and the control of the posture
  • delayed development of refined motor skills
  • orthopedic problems

The above mentioned effects are the main reasons why sitting in the “W” position is discouraged. Everyone wants their child to grow strong and develop properly, and this type of sitting prevents that. The “W” sitting also puts additional, redundant strain on the body.

Exclusive “W-Sitting” Puts Undue Stress On:

  • internal rotators
  • hip abductors
  • heel cords
  • hamstrings

Children who sit in this position frequently are commonly faced with problems like dislocation is. Moreover, sitting in this position can cause shortened and tightened muscles, which can influence the development of motor skills, coordination and balance. “W-sitting” also leads to less need for postural control, stability, and weight shift during the time for playing. The trunk muscles are affected by this, as they become weaker or underdeveloped.

If you want to stop your child from sitting in this position you will need consistency. Make sure your child learns how to sit correctly and remind it how to sit on the floor. To prevent this habit in the first place, you can buy your child a small desk or table with a chair.

Parents who read this article should not get upset, as not all children who sit in the “W” position have severe problems. However, this position is not recommended and can increase those risks, so it would be the best if you prevent it on time.

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