Mariah Carey lost 14 kg for 3 months with these three steps

Once Mariah Carey was a s*x symbol, and then she gained 20kg plus and almost didn’t looked like herself.

In August, the situation culminated when she walked and showed her larger figure on the Walk of Fame, and later she decided it is definitely time for a change. Today she looks better than ever and reveals her tricks for fast and healthy weight loss.Mariah Carey lost 14 kg for 3 months with these three steps

The 45 – year-old this week showed up at a charity gala evening of UNICEF in Los Angeles and all eyes were fixed on her – because for years she has not been so slim. Mariah appeared dressed in a dark blue tight dress that perfectly highlighted her new figure, and she really lost weight, not only her belly, but on her face – and now Mariah again resembles to the beauty two decades ago.

Carey acknowledged that after two childbirths she gained a lot of weight and she started to feel “trapped in her own body.” So she took matters into own hands and it is said that for three months, the singer lost amazing 14 kilograms – with implementing simple three steps:

  1. Intake of 1,500 calories per day

The first thing Mariah did was to talk to an expert. She adhered to the Jenny Craig program, which advised her to do a conversation with a nutritionist. The singer said that she needs professional help to determine how many calories she needed daily to consume and eventually received a program with 1,500 calories a day. In addition, the regime did not include big meals, but to eat more small meals during the day.

  1. Exercise three times a week

Mariah Carey after childbirth could not exercise because she gave birth by Caesarean section and just then realized that 90 percent of weight loss actually constitutes to proper nutrition. However, as soon as she managed to recover a little, she began to walk. As for sports, she chose what suits her best – swimming and exercising in the sea.

  1. Do not weighed every day

Instead daily measuring, she decided to forget the scale and simply be guided by how it feels to be in your skin. Too frequent measurements may be one reason for giving up the diet because our weight naturally varies during the day – so it can act de-motivating. Instead, she determined how much she lost weight by how her clothes fit that once were tight.

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