6 Female Behaviors That Men Just Love, #5 Will Blow Your Mind

Women are just amazing, aren’t they? They love their man and care about him, but often tend to irritate him the most. For instance, there are many female habits which men consider annoying, such as taking selfies all the time and then deleting them before doing it all over again,  spending too much time and money on shopping, acting like a child  etc.  However, this article focuses on the good habits and below you have a list of the 6 women`s habits that men simply love!6-Female-Behaviors-That-Men-Just-Love-5-Will-Blow-Your-Mind

  1. Buries Her Head in His Chest

Men are happy when their loved one puts her head on their chest, as this allows them to feel like real men who provide sense of security.

  1. She Plays with His Hair when He Drives a Car

Stroking his head not only provides physical pleasure, but gives men a sense of affection, love, attention and care as well,  all of which are needed for the establishment of good relationship between the partners.

  1. She Praises Him on Facebook

Men also love when their woman praises them on Facebook because this shows that she is proud of them and wants to public to know it.

  1. Listens to Him Attentively

Listening him with attentiveness makes him feel loved.

  1. Send Him An SMS / Calls Him While He’s At A Meeting With Friends

Of course, men are happy when their girlfriend/ woman sends them an SMS or calls them even while being busy, as this shows that they think about their partner at all times.

  1. Shows Her Affection In Public

Showing affection in public by holding hands or tying his shoes and fixing his hair, will only show him that you are the one who makes his heart beat faster.

Source : www.homehealthyrecipes.com

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