Stress reliever

If you want a stress-free day experts say you should masturbate. Aside from giving you a momentary feeling of satisfaction, masturbation can relieve stress by up to 75%, latest studies show. You feel happy and satisfied afterwards, relieved of any stress.

Improves heart health

If you want a healthy heart regular masturbation can help you a lot. It improves your cardiovascular health, protects you from heart-related diseases and consequently increases your life expectancy.

Provides relief from menstrual cramps

Menstruation is that painful time of the month when you feel like you’ve been run down a train. Excruciating pain, cramps and an overall feeling of tiredness is unavoidable at least once a month. Well, studies now show that regular masturbation, at least 3-4 times a week can reduce your pain and menstrual cramps by 50%, giving you a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Helps with cervical infections

If you’re a regular masturbator you’re keeping your vagina and cervix healthy, reducing the risk of cervical cancer as well.

Helps with UTI

The majority of women experience urinary tract infections, some more often than others, but it’s a common problem in all. According to research, masturbation can lower your chances of developing an UTI because it helps flushing out the harmful bacteria from your urinary tract and vagina.

You’ll sleep better

You’ve probably noticed how relaxed and content you feel after you’ve masturbated. It’s been proven than in such a moment you’re relieved from stress and anxiety and it helps you sleep better at night.

Spices up your sex life

Women who masturbate are better acquainted with their bodies, they know what feels good and what not and can help their partner satisfy them easier. It also gives you more confidence and free to explore different sex positions with your partner, in search for the ultimate pleasure.

Raises your self-esteem

Masturbation is a normal thing and there’s nothing wrong if you practice it regularly. Quite to the contrary, it makes you love your body more, gives you confidence and raises your self-esteem.

It’s safe

It’s the safest way to get sexual pleasure. You don’t have to worry about STD, getting pregnant or if he’s going to call you afterwards.

Keeps you sexually active

Long relationships can sometimes get sexually dull and boring, you know each other too well and there’s nothing more to discover. Regular masturbation keeps you sexually active and mentally relaxed, helping you to maintain your bond with your partner. It actually lowers the chances for cheating between the two of you.

Source :  naturalholisticclinic.com

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